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Community in Action Challenge

Become a changemaker today.

As New Dreamers, we understand the importance of making small changes in our everyday lives to tackle runaway consumption and protect the environment. But to create long-lasting impact in our communities, we'll need to work together and build a strong movement on a broader level. 

We invite you to join us in becoming community changemakers, working to build thriving alternatives to consumption-oriented lifestyles. 

Join us by selecting a Challenge

Below is a series of challenges that you can take to help you strengthen your communities and better love your neighbors. Some of the steps take a few minutes, while others can take a few weeks—you choose the level of engagement that works best for you! As you work through the challenges, we'll provide you with the resources and tools to help you succeed.

By taking these steps, you're joining a committed and engaged community of New Dreamers who are building the movement for lasting and radical change.  **NOTE: We encourage you to take the steps in order, but if you're ready to take action in one specific area, go for it!**

"Do you really believe in community? Then give us actions, not mere words: deeds speak louder than rhetoric.” 
~ Henry David Thoreau

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