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What Happened to Self-Reliance and the Do-It-Yourself Ethic? (Part 2 of 2)

Blog   |    by Addison Del Mastro   |    July 6, 2012

Self-reliance and the “can-do” spirit aren't gone. They're just dormant, drowned out by a fast-paced lifestyle and cheap consumer goods.

What Happened to Self-Reliance and the Do-It-Yourself Ethic? (Part 1 of 2)

Blog   |    by Addison Del Mastro   |    June 13, 2012

Fixing things ourselves can help relieve the money stress that many of us feel—but only if we're able to actually do the work.

Save Money and Have Fun: DIY Halloween Decorations

Blog   |    by Ethan Freeman   |    October 12, 2012

These five do-it-yourself decoration ideas will help you put your family and home in the Halloween spirit—without spending a ton of money.

Ladies, Enough With the Self Loathing: Go Body Positive

Blog   |    by Krislyn Placide   |    July 23, 2012

It's nearly impossible to avoid being inundated by negative body messages. What matters is how we receive them.

This Holiday Season, Rethink Your Consumption Ethic

Blog   |    by Addison Del Mastro   |    December 16, 2013

How should we redefine what it means to be a consumer this holiday season?

Giving Away Your "Declutter" to People Who Want It

Blog   |    by Dale S. Brown   |    May 28, 2012

Guest blogger Dale Brown offers tips on thoughtfully giving away things that you don’t need, rather than simply throwing them in the trash.

Are You Being Frugal, or Just Plain Cheap?

Blog   |    by Dale S. Brown   |    September 2, 2011

In today’s society, frugality can lead to accusations of “cheapness.” But there’s an important difference.

Why Give Up Chocolate for Lent When You Can Give Up Plastic?

Blog   |    by Carol Janus   |    January 28, 2016

It may seem impossible to stop using plastic. But with perseverance and a little creativity, it can be done.

Interview with Sasha Dichter, Founder of Generosity Day

Blog   |    by New Dream   |    February 11, 2013

In February 2013, New Dream' spoke with Sasha Dichter, founder of Generosity Day, about his proposed alternative to Valentine's Day commercialism.

How I Helped a D.C. Neighborhood Go Solar

Blog   |    by Anya Schoolman   |    July 29, 2011

The inspiring story of one neighborhood that was so frustrated with the national and local government that residents took matters into their own hands.

Navigating Your Local Thrift Store, the Land of Misfit Toys

Blog   |    by Kim   |    July 17, 2008

Family, Food, and Climate: An Interview with Activist and Producer Laurie David

Blog   |    by Wendy Philleo   |    July 25, 2012

New Dream caught up with producer and environmental activist Laurie David to talk about her recent projects, including her popular book The Family Dinner.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Product

Blog   |    by Dave Evans   |    June 9, 2016

There are a few key things you can look for to give you a better idea of what kind of company you are supporting with your wallet.

In Commerce We Trust?

Blog   |    by Kelly Garriott Waite   |    July 1, 2013

Author Kelly Garriott Waite reflects on the need to reclaim trust and community in today's culture of big-box stores and hyper-consumerism.

Green Dieting Without Gimmicks: Seeking a Healthy Relationship to Food

Blog   |    by Kim   |    July 6, 2009