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Welcome to the walking school bus

Blog   |    by Michaella   |    August 19, 2009

Small Steps to Help Your Child’s School Be More Healthy Today

Blog   |    by Terra Wellington   |    September 25, 2012

Parents, teachers, administrators, and students can work together toward improving a school’s health and sustainability.

5 Ways to Simplify Back-to-School Shopping

Blog   |    by Krislyn Placide   |    August 20, 2012

Forget the crazy school shopping bonanza, and save some money—and your sanity—in the process.

Go Green This Halloween!

Blog   |    by Anna Awimbo   |    October 17, 2013

Don't let Halloween be a frightening time for the environment (or your wallet!). Here are some tips to go green this Halloween.

Our Children’s Schools: The Leadership Face of the Future

Blog   |    by Peg Watson   |    March 17, 2015

The Green Schools Alliance aims to connect and empower schools worldwide to lead the transformation to global sustainability.

Homemade Valentines, Gratitude, and the Green Triangle

Blog   |    by Suzita Cochran   |    February 12, 2013

How one family's annual valentine-making routine became a way to practice gratitude and green living simultaneously.

Saying Goodbye to Back-to-School Shopping

Blog   |    by Anne   |    August 5, 2008

Earth Day Reflections: From Emerson’s Rainbow to the Green Movement

Blog   |    by Kim   |    April 8, 2009

Celebrate Independence: Find the Local Love

Blog   |    by Terra Wellington   |    July 3, 2012

Grassroots businesses are all about a sense of place and sharing. Isn’t this how it used to be? Or maybe, how we’d like it to be.

Greener Grads: Changing the Way We Approach Graduation

Blog   |    by Seth Yon   |    April 26, 2015

Greener Grads is offering the tools to change our traditions into less wasteful and more responsible celebrations.

The Game Theory of Green Parenting

Blog   |    by Kim   |    March 4, 2009

Easy Steps to Waste-Free School Lunches

Blog   |    by Tovah Paglaro   |    September 25, 2012

By choosing to forgo packaged or cafeteria food, we can teach our children healthy eating habits and minimize the garbage that ends up at landfills.

What Is "Enough"? Achieving the Right Balance in Our Lives and Families

Blog   |    by Suzita Cochran   |    December 5, 2011

Whether it’s a material item like shoes or a non-material one like free time, how do you know when you have enough of something?

How a Group of Kids Bagged the Disposable Bag in Boulder, Colorado

Blog   |    by Kate Bailey and Kate Nelson   |    March 17, 2016

What decades of education and outreach couldn’t accomplish, a group of high school students could.

6 Ways to Resist Kid-Targeted Advertising (and Save the Planet!)

Blog   |    by Edna Rienzi   |    December 30, 2015

Today’s consumer culture encourages materialistic values. Learn ways to fight back!