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Top 10 Ideas for a Screen-Free Summer Your Kids Will Love

Blog   |    by Edna Rienzi   |    June 25, 2014

Ditch the screen and try one of these proven ways to keep kids active and engaged all summer.

Easy Steps to Waste-Free School Lunches

Blog   |    by Tovah Paglaro   |    September 25, 2012

By choosing to forgo packaged or cafeteria food, we can teach our children healthy eating habits and minimize the garbage that ends up at landfills.

Want More Time? Give It Away!

Blog   |    by Wendy Philleo   |    September 25, 2012

New research shows that helping others can make us feel more "time affluent." New Dream Executive Director Wendy Philleo offers her tips.

Family, Food, and Climate: An Interview with Activist and Producer Laurie David

Blog   |    by Wendy Philleo   |    July 25, 2012

New Dream caught up with producer and environmental activist Laurie David to talk about her recent projects, including her popular book The Family Dinner.