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How We Started a Holiday Share Faire to Build Local Resilience and Create Community

Blog   |    by Rani Jayakumar   |    November 17, 2017

Learn how one California group is boosting local resilience and strengthening community ties by sharing stuff, skills, memories, and stories.

Greener Grads: Changing the Way We Approach Graduation

Blog   |    by Seth Yon   |    April 26, 2015

Greener Grads is offering the tools to change our traditions into less wasteful and more responsible celebrations.

Casey Williams

Staff   |    September 12, 2017

Embrace the Risk: Shop With Recycled Containers

Blog   |    by Jake Giessman   |    October 15, 2012

Want to reduce your plastic packaging waste? Consider bringing your own recycled containers when you go to the food store.

Public Energy Art Kits Push Back Against Consumerism

Blog   |    by Marissa Mommaerts   |    July 29, 2014

A new series of posters is helping illustrate the dangers of excessive consumption.

E-Waste: What to Do With That Old Gadget

Blog   |    by Lisa Mastny   |    January 17, 2012

Now that you've upgraded, why not make the responsible choice and donate or recycle your old equipment, rather than just dumping it in the trash?

Saying Goodbye to Back-to-School Shopping

Blog   |    by Anne   |    August 5, 2008

Tips for a Greener, Simpler Halloween

Blog   |    by Lisa Mastny   |    October 11, 2017

Halloween is big business. Avoid the hype and direct your energy, $$$, and creativity toward a greener, simpler holiday.

Have a More Fun, Less Stuff Easter

Blog   |    by Edna Rienzi   |    March 22, 2017

Easter doesn't have to be yet another commercialized, excessive celebration. You can still participate in all the fun without the waste and stress. 

Navigating Your Local Thrift Store, the Land of Misfit Toys

Blog   |    by Kim   |    July 17, 2008

Treat Yourself to a Less Wasteful, More Meaningful Halloween

Blog   |    by Amy Curtis   |    October 19, 2011

Learn how you can experience a magically spooky Halloween night without all the shopping, sugar, and excess waste.

Can the Rewards of Travel Outweigh the Planetary Costs?

Blog   |    by Amy Curtis   |    January 17, 2012

Despite the environmental repercussions, traveling also makes one appreciate the Earth.

Making the Shift to Zero Waste Living

Blog   |    by Julie Fathy   |    February 23, 2017

A zero waste lifestyle might seem hard to implement and complicated to follow. But by taking small steps, you can make it a reality.

How to Create a Zero Waste Easter Basket

Blog   |    by New Dream   |    March 22, 2017

Challenge yourself to create an Easter basket that will produce no garbage that would be sent to landfill.

The Company That Wants You to Buy Less

Blog   |    by Wen Lee   |    October 11, 2011

Patagonia is asking customers to buy less and buy used—something that flies in the face of everything we know about commercial business.