10 Alternative Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

by New Dream   |   June 8, 2016

Fathers Day

We all know Dad doesn’t need another tie, so what are some ways to give him the Father’s Day he deserves while being green and not just buying more stuff?

Below are 10 family-focused and local ways to say “thank you” for all he does with an extra personal touch and level of thoughtfulness.

1.  Farmers' Market Dinner

A fresh, local meal will make this Father’s Day one to remember. Take a trip with the kids to a local farmers' market and work together to prepare a homemade meal from the ingredients.

2.  The Great Outdoors

Take advantage of the beautiful June weather and get outside on a family hike or bike trip. Alternatively, arrange a day of kayaking, canoeing, or rock climbing for dad with his friends.

3.  Memory Lane

Looking for a keepsake? Help the kids make a special scrapbook for dad, complete with photos of fun family activities and what they love most about spending time with him.

4.  Family Tree

Introduce teenagers and older children to the world of genealogy by creating a family tree. Bonus: this would be make a wonderful double gift for dads and grandfathers.

5.  Field Day

Invite a group of fathers and families to engage in a field day—filled with soccer, kickball, softball, or whatever sport dad loves—at a local park. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!

6.  Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially one of the World’s #1 Dad. Have the kids each draw a portrait of him, frame them, and display the collage as truly priceless works of art.

7.  Made with Love

Is dad a coffee drinker? Have your kids attend a pottery class and craft a new custom coffee cup as a gift. In addition to getting their hands dirty, the mug will be a keepsake he cherishes day in and day out.

8.  Learning Adventure

Let dad’s interest in art, space, dinosaurs, or local history take flight with a special family trip to a fun, local museum.

9.  Board Game Night

Go beyond Monopoly with a board game night full of thoughtful games for all ages. Invite neighborhood families over to add to the fun!

10.  Plant a Seed

Purchase trees or small plants and work together to plant a family garden. As your family grows and blossoms, so will the plants that you began to grow on dad’s special day.

11. (Bonus) Day Off

Give dad a break from all his responsibilities and encourage him to sleep in, relax, and recharge. This gift is particularly great for fathers of young children.

Looking for additional ways to have more fun and less stuff at all your celebrations? Check out SoKind: An Alternative Gift Registry.