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Let’s build a New Dream

If you’re interested in creating a society that pursues not just “more,” but more of what matters, you’re in the right place! At New Dream, we believe in More Love and Less Waste...More Joy and Less Stress...and More Fun and Less Stuff. Join the movement, and you’ll receive inspiring stories, do-able tips, and a community of encouragers. Welcome!

Update (9/30/20):

On September 30, 2020, New Dream closed its doors after nearly 25 years as a clearinghouse and source of inspiration for those seeking “more of what matters.” 

Moving forward, New Dream is grateful to partner with OneEarth, a Canadian “think and do tank” and longtime ally in supporting the transition to more just and sustainable lifestyles. OneEarth will be maintaining New Dream’s website and assets, and continuing to build on New Dream programs in their own work. 

OneEarth's Beacon for Sustainable Living project will be of particular interest to New Dreamers, as it helps individuals and communities make lifestyle choices that are in line with climate solutions and sustainable consumption. 

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