Question Consumption

Question Consumption is a collaboration of deep inquiry and YOUR experiences. 

Interested in learning more about how your consumer habits relate to broader issues of equity and diversity? Maybe you haven’t given much thought to these connections, but there's lots to explore. By questioning consumption, we can all understand more deeply what it means to be a consumer, and how our own choices and actions—as well as the wider systems we're a part of—impact other people and the planet.

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Question Consumption

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Join our community of questioners on our Medium publication

We invite bloggers with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to submit pieces on social and environmental issues that intersect with consumption. Read our submissions guidelines here.

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Question Consumption Stories Project

The Question Consumption Stories Project wants to lift up stories not often told about the impacts of consumption on diverse communities. We seek to elevate solutions and ideas, especially from young people, about how to create a livable future for all of us. 

We welcome content that uses various media, including photography, audio, and video in addition to short- and long-form narrative. 

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What You Want From New Dream: Key Themes and Messages on Equity and Consumption

Learn more about what your fellow New Dreamers think about the connections between consumerism, class, and race; our new focus on equity and consumption; and what you’d like to see from New Dream in the future.

Read the results of our recent survey about our renewed focus on equity and consumption.

Nd Retreat 2018

Facilitating a New Dream

New Dream is in a season of anticipation and investment, as the organization looks seriously at its commitment to employing an equity lens in its work, and to engaging youth more fully. 

Facilitator Selena Cozart explains how our current social and political climate presents us with a unique and irresistible opportunity to engage in discussions of equity and justice.


#QuestionConsumption Playlist

This playlist curated by New Dream Youth Fellows provides an opportunity to explore consumption and consumerism through music, from Macklemore’s "WINGS" and The Beatles’ "Can’t Buy Me Love," to Gil Scott-Heron’s "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."

Listen and enjoy!

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Share your images and ponderings on consumption, consumerism, advertising, and more—and on shifting to a future that works for us all. 


Let’s replace the #olddream with the #newdream.

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Simplify the Holidays

From Valentine's Day to the pre-Christmas frenzy, are you tired of the commercialization of your most cherished holiday celebrations? Opt out of the hype and be a maker, a doer, a giver of what matters most: connection and care for each other and our planet. 

Browse our materials for non-material gift ideas, holiday planning tips, celebration ideas, and more.

What Does the New Dream Mean to You? Join us in the inquiry.

Now is a great time to ask ourselves what “reducing consumption” means, at a time when social divides grow ever wider and so many people experience economic insecurity.
We want to know what you think.