New Dream empowers individuals, communities, and organizations to transform the ways they consume to improve well-being for people and the planet.

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Join us in challenging the idea
that our worth or happiness is
represented by what we buy.

"I am so excited to focus on what's really important!
Thank you, New Dream!”


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Simplify the Holidays

Celebrate more of what matters and  
learn ways to avoid the commercialization  
and stress of your most cherished holidays.

"Thank you for reminding us to be more open-minded during the holidays. Time spent with family and friends making memories is more empowering than any 'thing' we could give each other.”


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Unbrand Our Kids

Make lasting change in the lives of children you care about. 
Our guides, webinars, and videos provide tips, 
stories, action items, and more.

"You have so many wonderful resources on your site, especially for young families.
Thank you and keep up the great work!"  


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Start a SoKind Registry

SoKind is the only online gift registry designed
to promote gifts of time, experience, and 
secondhand/used items over material gifts.

"You are helping to put into action what I feel we really need in this country.
Thank you so much for all that you're doing!”

– Tricia