Go Antiquing, Help the Environment

by Anja Jewel


Do you want to help the environment? Do you opt to live a sustainable life and reduce your economic footprint? Do you want to do this while living in a home surrounded by beautiful, unique furnishings? Do you want a home that provides comfort, inspires you, and reflects your personality?

If the answer is yes, then go indulge in used furniture!

It's easy and fun to hunt for fantastic antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces at auctions, estate sales, consignment and secondhand shops, thrift stores, yard sales, and beyond. Look for quality, and focus on solid, well-crafted items that will last for generations to come. Mix and match styles, or make objects your own with fresh paint, new knobs, a beautiful stain, or new fabric upholstering. Let your creativity run amok with stencil, crackle, distress, decoupage, or wallpaper projects (just remember to use non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials when doing so!).

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every year, approximately 3 million tons of furnishings are discarded and end up clogging our municipal collection sites. This is in addition to the air, water, and land pollution from the furniture manufacturing process, making it particularly important to recycle with our big-ticket furnishing items.

Have fun pursuing great finds, and let your antiques and cherished furniture that tells stories and invites discussion of further ways to help the planet.