Guest Registry: Curated by Wendy Philleo

by Wendy Philleo, Executive Director, Center for a New American Dream   |   February 19, 2014

Wendy Philleo

Wendy is the Executive Director of the Center for a New American Dream, the folks behind SoKind Registry. New Dream’s mission is to help cultivate a new American dream – one that emphasizes community, ecological sustainability, and a celebration of non-material values. New Dream takes the positive stance that we can all have more of what matters in our individual lives, our families, our communities, and our world. Wendy has spent over 20 years working on the issues that matter most to her – conservation, community development, women’s empowerment, advocacy, and civic engagement. Wendy is currently obsessed with entrepreneurship and innovation, work-life balance and living a creative life. She lives in the Charlottesville area with her husband, two kids, two cats and her new puppy, Coco.

Creative Night Out

I have been wanting to take a class at City Clay, our local ceramics studio, for a while. I would love to have a friend join me! We could test it out on Friends’ Night before committing to a class. Check out City Clay’s website at

Donation to Charlottesville’s Local Food Hub

I love our Local Food Hub! It’s a nonprofit that’s working to improve small farm viability and increase community access to local food. They do this by operating a local food warehouse where they purchase and aggregate locally grown food from more than 70 small family farms in the area. Then, they distribute this food to more than 150 locations.

Sourdough Starter

We are on a mission to learn how to bake sourdough bread. It’s our daughter’s favorite bread. We would love to start off strong with a known good starter from a friend! And, if you have time to give us a few pointers, all the better.

Garden Share

Anybody want to share a garden with us? We have a decent garden started, but we just don’t have the time to maintain it properly. We would love to team up with someone who has the time but not the land. You would be helping us out, and you get your own delicious produce. Win-win!

Patch Help

We’re not sure how our son manages to tear holes in every pair of jeans or pants that he owns, but he does! And we have no sewing skills whatsoever. He would love patches like the ones from this DIY tutorial:

Kimchi Cooking Lesson

Anybody know how to make kimchi? My husband and I have been wanting to learn how for several years, and a cooking lesson would be a very much appreciated gift. Come teach me, and then stay for dinner!

The Gift of Knowledge

I would love to share what I do at the Center for a New American Dream with all my friends and family. Check out our videos, watch a webinar, read our Community Action Kit guides, or check out our blog, and then tell me what you think! I love what I do, and it would really be a gift to me to get to share it with the people I love. If you get a chance, let me know what you think or what you’d love to see or what we could improve!

Carbon Offsets

I need to travel fairly frequently for work, and I would love to reduce my carbon footprint. I would love help in offsetting my plane travel. Find out more information at

Secondhand Board Games

Our family loves board games, and we think nothing beats the classics! If you have any old board games lying around, we would love to take them off your hands. We are especially looking for boggle, stratego, battleship, mille bornes, and clue.

Pet Sitting

This is the newest member of our family – Coco! We will be taking trips to NYC, Denver and New Orleans in the next couple of months, and we could use some pet sitting help. We also have two sweet cats who love attention.

Learning Partner

I registered for a free lecture series through Stanford University called Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Anybody interested in signing up with me? We can discuss the readings and homework assignments together. It will be just like college again…except free! Check out the course description here: