Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

November 28, 2017

Feel like you’ve run out of time to come up with meaningful gifts for your loved ones? Take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered. In the amount of time it would have taken you to find a parking spot at the mall, you’ll get thoughtful ideas for everyone on your list.

For Your Kids

1 Late Bedtime

One Coupon Good for Late Bedtime

2 Smores

One Coupon Good for a Night of Indoor Camping
(scary stories and s’mores included!)

3 Skip Veggies

Skip Your Veggies Pass 
(good for one meal!) 

4 No Chores

No Chores for a Day Pass

5 Parent Hooky

Coupon for Parent Hooky Day on First Snow Day

6 Own Adventure

Create Your Own Adventure Pass 
(your choice of a meal, activity, and alone time with a parent)

For Your Partner

7 Date Night

Date Night Passport  
(Create a booklet with 12 date-night itineraries that you know would delight your partner. Then choose one itinerary every month of the year. No more “you choose… no, you choose.”)

8 Sleep In

Coupon Good for Weekend Sleep-In

9 Doghouse

Get Out of the Doghouse Pass 
(or, alternatively, an Automatic Argument Win)

10 First Date

Recreate Your First Date 
(If you saw a movie, find it on Netflix. Did you eat Mexican food? Order similar dishes or, if you’re feeling enthusiastic, have a cooking date)

11 Local Tour

Book a tour to a fun local site

12 Diaper Duty

One Entire Day Off From Diaper Duty

For Your Parents

13 Museum

Museum Membership

14 Talents

Show Off Your Talents
(If mom and dad paid for singing lessons, show your appreciation by writing a song. If you’re a writer, express your feelings in a letter or poem— tell them in great detail all the things you appreciate about them. More of a visual person? Make a video!

15 Yard Work

Coupon Good for a Day of Yard Work

16 Day Out

A Day Out 
(Sit down and think about what your mom or dad’s ideal day would look like. Does she have a favorite breakfast place? Does he have a friend he’s been wanting to visit but doesn’t want to make the drive alone?)

17 Skill Share

Share a skill they’ve always wanted to learn

18 Support Cause

Support your parent’s favorite cause

For Your Neighbors and Friends

19 Exercise

Offer yourself up as an exercise accountability partner

20 Dog Sitting

Coupon Good for Dog Sitting

21 Dessert

Monthly Homemade Dessert for 3 Months 
(or 6 months or 12 months... your desserts, your subscription terms!)

22 Babysitting

Good for One Evening of Babysitting

23 Raking

Good for Help with Fall Raking / Snow Shoveling

24 Party Box

Party in a Box 
(Author Shauna Niequist gave her bachelor brother a pan of enchiladas and added chips, salsa, black beans, beer, and a jar of caramel sauce on the side. In the card, she added cooking instructions and told him to buy a lime, vanilla ice cream, and cilantro just before hosting a party.)

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