Michelle & Jedd's Peace Corps Homecoming

by Edna Rienzi   |   October 27, 2014


In the Real Celebrations series, SoKind asks registry users to share a bit about their celebrations. Read on for a collection of inspirational ideas as well as lessons learned!

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The Couple: Michelle and Jedd are a married couple in their early 30's, who have recently returned from a two-year Peace Corps stint and are trying to pursue a simple, unconventional life.

The Event: A Homecoming

Date and Location: A virtual event for all their family and friends across the country to support their “re-entry” from Peace Corps service, April 2014.

In Their Words: When we quit our jobs and left for the Peace Corps, we sold most of our possessions. We served in Jamaica for over 2 years, not once returning home. We used SoKind Registry to offer our friends and family concrete, yet non-financial ways, to reconnect and support us in our return to the States. We really needed our support system at that time in order to reintegrate, readjust, and start a new chapter in our lives.

SoKind Gifts Received: Some of our gift items included helping us network for our new online business and finding places to house-sit in order to keep our costs low. We also asked to borrow camping gear so we could go visit the National Parks.

We love using SoKind Registry because it allows us to include out-of-the-box and non-material ideas on our wish list. It promotes community, sharing, reusing, and practical gift-giving.

Lessons Learned: Sometimes you have to help people think outside the box. People are used to giving gifts for weddings and baby showers, but other big life events that require support are overlooked. It’s not about demanding gifts, but rather giving people who already want to support you an opportunity to contribute in constructive and truly helpful ways. Most people want to support you but just don’t know how. Rather than asking for money or material things, oftentimes the most helpful gifts for big life events just require a little effort, or sharing of expertise, or other intangible gestures.

To read more about Michelle and Jedd's adventures, be sure to check out their blog.