Reduce Waste at Home and in Your Community

September 5, 2018


When it comes to reducing waste in our homes or community, the change can feel daunting. We get stuck in the muck.

But check this out: a group of high school students in Colorado who were concerned about the environment helped reduce the number of disposable bags used in their town each year by nearly 70 percent. Seventy percent! That’s a whole lot less plastic muck jamming up recycling machinery and polluting the ocean.

New Dream’s Community in Action “Reduce Waste” challenge invites you to take action to make your home or community a greener place to be. By signing up, you’ll be part of a network of New Dreamers across the globe committing to make lasting change to better our local environments.

The “Reduce Waste” challenge gives you different options to help you jumpstart this change. Want to stop using plastic straws or single-use coffee cups for good? Or maybe you’re ready to go further by hosting a zero-waste or no-waste party, proving that fun with friends, family, and neighbors doesn't have to mean overflowing garbage cans. 

Want to amplify your impact even more? Select the “Extra” challenge option and get a local team together to launch a waste reduction effort in your community. Whether it’s ridding your town of plastic shopping bags or bottled water, New Dream has the resources you need to make lasting change where you live.

Small changes in our routines can have immediate positive effects for the planet. And inspiring friends, neighbors, and our communities to do the same amplifies these effects. Ultimately, the environmental challenges we face require bold, creative, and collective action. Take the "Reduce Waste" challenge today, and let it be a springboard to your deeper involvement in the waste reduction or climate justice movements, however your passions and talents might infuse them. 

Let’s take action together—at home and beyond—to protect our planet today.

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