Save Energy: Take a Long Weekend!

by Michele   |   July 7, 2008

Many of you may know that we at New Dream work a 4-day week. I know, I know, I am absurdly lucky to be a part of such an incredible organization, but there are downsides too. Like, well, um... does being the envy of all my friends and family count?

But ok, in all seriousness, our decision to work four days instead of five was a very conscious and deliberate one, and reflects our organization's values at their core. It factors in both eco-impact, as we limit transportation to and from and energy consumed in the office, and quality of life, as it provides us with additional opportunity to spend time outdoors, with loved ones, or to simply take some time to breathe.

I deeply value the 4-day workweek for both these reasons, and am pretty delighted that the idea is slowly beginning to spread. The federal government offers a "flex time" option through which government employees can work 9-hour days in exchange for every other Friday off. And just this week, Utah announced its decision to go to a 4-day week to save on energy. Read on for more:

Utah Is Going to a 4-Day Workweek to Save Energy