Our Emerging Normal: Share Your Thoughts with Us

by New Dream   |   April 28, 2020

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Our greatest source of insights, hope, and truth is the New Dream community—you! 

As we adjust to the new reality of coronavirus, the number of people living under challenging, uncertain circumstances continues to grow.

We welcome any reflections you wish to share about this moment in time, as you and those around you more deeply question what we prioritize and consume—and as we all continue to seek individual and collective well-being. 

Please fill out our short survey below*, which will help us consider the needs and perspectives of the New Dream community. Our hope is to surface ideas and tools, spark new inquiries, and support greater compassion and empathy for others, as we all move through these uncertain times. 

You might also consider using the questions below to “interview” your family, friends, and neighbors at your next physically distanced gathering. 

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