ACTION KIT: More Fun, Less Stuff Starter Kit

by New Dream   |   May 6, 2011


A fun, easy-to-use book packed with practical tips on how to simplify your life; free up time, money, and personal energy; and protect the environment.

From the Inside Flap

"Being happier is not a secret; it just seems that way because most of us are so busy figuring out how to pay our credit cards, we can't look up.... The question the reader has to answer is this: Do you want more out of life, or less? If less, then you needn't read this. If you want more, look inside." —Paul Hawken, Author

"I loudly applaud it.... Here is a brilliant and step-by-step account of how Americans can help to save the planet." —Norman Myers, Professor, Oxford University

"It answers perfectly the common lament: But what can I do?" —Vicki Robin, Co-author of Your Money or Your Life

"If you follow the advice, you will be happier and more fulfilled... and have more money for things that matter." —Jerry Schubel, President, New England Aquarium

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