SLIDES: Simplify the Holidays Presentation – a pre-packaged slideshow for presenting in your community!

October 16, 2018

Simplify The Holidays Community Presentation

As part of our resources to help you and others Simplify the Holidays, we've created a set of pre-packaged slides that you can use to make presentations in your community. This comprehensive slideshow offers tips and ideas for celebrating the year-end holidays in a less-stressful, more meaningful, and simpler way.

The presentation includes:

  • Useful facts and figures on holiday consumerism and shopping trends
  • Interactive questions and visualization exercises for your audience
  • Descriptions of helpful New Dream resources, including our free "More Fun, Less Stuff" gift catalog and SoKind, our online non-material gift registry
  • Tips from other New Dreamers about how they simplify their holidays
  • Suggestions for tackling common holiday challenges, like busy schedules, too much stuff, and too much spending
  • Tips for having simpler holidays with kids, and ideas for family holiday service projects

Note: This presentation is not editable without permission from New Dream. If you would like us to send you a version that you can adapt for your own presentation, please email us at