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WEBINAR: Community Solar 101

Webinars   |    by Wen Lee   |    January 10, 2013

Go solar — together! Through community techniques such as cooperatives, bulk purchasing, and group net metering, solar energy can be more affordable for everyone.

VIDEO: How to Start a Solar Co-op – learn how to bring affordable, convenient solar power to your community (5 min.)

Videos   |    by New Dream   |    June 21, 2012

Our video about the Mt. Pleasant Solar Cooperative in Washington, D.C. describes ways to bring affordable, convenient solar power to your community.

How I Helped a D.C. Neighborhood Go Solar

Blog   |    by Anya Schoolman   |    July 29, 2011

The inspiring story of one neighborhood that was so frustrated with the national and local government that residents took matters into their own hands.


Topics   |    June 26, 2017

Community Building

Topics   |    June 26, 2017

ACTION KIT: Guide to Sharing – tips for exchanging stuff, time, skills, and space

Resources   |    by New Dream   |    July 26, 2012

The first guide in New Dream's Community Action Kit is all about sharing: everything from starting a tool library to organizing a solar cooperative, from holding a clothing swap to launching a time bank.

WEBINAR: How to Start a Tool Library

Webinars   |    by Wen Lee   |    July 20, 2012

Want to start a tool library in your town? The founders of tool libraries in Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, and Philadelphia offer advice on how to do just that.

How Electricity Cooperatives in the U.S. Are Paving the Way for a Renewable Future

Blog   |    by Kevin Stark   |    July 17, 2017

Emerging co-op programs are keeping costs down and stimulating the economy while reducing energy use and benefiting the environment.

Shipping Container Homes: An Easier Way of Life?

Blog   |    by Taraneh Arhamsadr   |    April 27, 2015

Learn more about what's driving the latest "tiny" home craze.

Making Good: Finding Work That Is Meaningful

Blog   |    by Wen Lee   |    April 11, 2012

Is it possible to find a meaningful, fulfilling career that also pays the bills? According to a new book, the answer is yes.

Tips for a Greener, Simpler Halloween

Blog   |    by Lisa Mastny   |    October 11, 2017

Halloween is big business. Avoid the hype and direct your energy, $$$, and creativity toward a greener, simpler holiday.

Treat Yourself to a Less Wasteful, More Meaningful Halloween

Blog   |    by Amy Curtis   |    October 19, 2011

Learn how you can experience a magically spooky Halloween night without all the shopping, sugar, and excess waste.

Making Responsible Business a Reality: An Interview with Etsy’s Matt Stinchcomb

Blog   |    by Lisa Mastny   |    April 17, 2013

Stinchcomb talks about his efforts to make the company — and business overall — more ecologically, socially, and economically responsible.

B Corporations: Driving a New Ecology of Commerce

Blog   |    by Elsa Jagniecki   |    January 16, 2012

There’s a growing buzz about a new kind of business model centered around building better business, social enterprise, and corporate policy.

Do We Need to Sacrifice Communities in the Name of Progress?

Blog   |    by Addison Del Mastro   |    February 12, 2013

As environmentalists, we sometimes forget that a green energy company is just that—a company.