WEBINAR: Pitchfests – Promoting Local Business Investment Through Entrepreneur Showcases

by Wen Lee

Pitchfest 3

What do you get when you bring together local entrepreneurs and everyday investors?

Answer: A pitchfest!

Watch this webinar to learn more.

A pitchfest (also called an entrepreneur showcase) is a fun, informative event where local entrepreneurs who are looking to raise capital can connect with everyday investors and community members.

During the event, the entrepreneurs give presentations to “pitch” their business ideas to the audience in an informal setting that typically includes food, drink, and plenty of mingling. A pitchfest serves as the first step toward connecting local entrepreneurs and investors in meaningful ways.

In February 2014, New Dream hosted a webinar about how to organize a pitchfest in your community. Dovetailing with our popular Guide to Going Local, the webinar covers topics such as how to get started, identifying local entrepreneurs and investors, and maximizing the success of your event.

Guest speaker:

  • Bob Marino is a board member at Seacoast Local, a "local first" nonprofit that serves the seacoast of New Hampshire and southern Maine. Marino is a member of Seacoast Local's Community Capital working group and has helped organize two Entrepreneur Showcases over the last year.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar. Hear Marino share his experiences, offer tips, and answer questions about how you can organize a pitchfest in your own town! (Video length: Approx. 1 hour)

The webinar slides may be downloaded here.

Resources for organizing pitchfests from Seacoast Local:

Additional resources about pitchfests and local investing: