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POLL: New Dream Holiday Poll 2005

by New Dream   |   January 11, 2005

In 2005, New Dream conducted a national poll about the holiday season. The survey showed that most Americans wish the holidays were less materialistic and believe that the holidays should be more about family and caring for others, not giving and receiving gifts.

POLL: New American Dream Survey Report 2004

by New Dream   |   January 11, 2004

In a 2004 New Dream poll of 1,269 American adults, more than 4 in 5 respondents said that our society’s priorities are “out of whack,” with an overwhelming majority agreeing that as a society we are too focused on working and making money and not enough on family and community.

POLL: Kids and Commercialism Poll 2002

by New Dream   |   December 13, 2002

This summary highlights the major findings of a nationally representative telephone study conducted among 750 American teens ages 12 to 17. The “Youth and Advertising” poll was conducted by Widmeyer Communications for the Center a New American Dream in 2002.