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Calculating the Savings in Growing Your Own Food

Blog   |    by Dawn Handschuh   |    September 22, 2011

Growing our own food offers multiple benefits—for our health, our taste buds, and our pocketbook. So how much money are we actually saving?

My Story of Frugality: Breaking My Economic Dependence on My Job

Blog   |    by Dale S. Brown   |    August 4, 2011

How one D.C. resident changed her relationship to money and gained just a bit of freedom from the endless demands to earn it.

Moving Without a Car, and Other Tips for Going “Car Light”

Blog   |    by Kevin A. Straight   |    December 18, 2012

Do you really need to own a car "just in case" you have to move every few years? A car-free enthusiast responds to his critics.

Mackle-more of What Matters

Blog   |    by Ryan Dwyer   |    March 8, 2013

You know times are changing when a rap about the hipness of thrift store shopping hits the top of the charts.

Spending Strategies: How Frugality Helped Me Cut Costs and Gain Freedom from “Work”

Blog   |    by Dale S. Brown   |    August 11, 2011

A D.C. resident describes how she became financially empowered to turn down work that is not in accordance with her values.  

Learning to "Share" for a More Cooperative Future

Blog   |    by Jennifer Prediger   |    December 1, 2011

At SHARE New York, participants came together to talk about turning economic disillusionment into something more productive.

Living the Dream: Psychologist and Blogger Suzita Cochran

Blog   |    by Edna Rienzi   |    April 9, 2014

Suzita Cochran's decision to choose a “time over money” lifestyle came from her work in psychology, where she learned in-depth what children need to thrive.

New Dream Staff Picks: Books We Love

Blog   |    by Lisa Mastny   |    April 11, 2012

New Dream staff share their picks for the most inspirational books they've read on topics of consumerism, parenting, and work-life balance.

Top 10 Ideas for a Screen-Free Summer Your Kids Will Love

Blog   |    by Edna Rienzi   |    June 25, 2014

Ditch the screen and try one of these proven ways to keep kids active and engaged all summer.

Easy Steps to Waste-Free School Lunches

Blog   |    by Tovah Paglaro   |    September 25, 2012

By choosing to forgo packaged or cafeteria food, we can teach our children healthy eating habits and minimize the garbage that ends up at landfills.

The Benefits—and Joy—of "Making Do" With What You Have

Blog   |    by Bea Echeverria   |    December 14, 2017

After moving to the U.S. from Spain, New Dreamer Bea Echevarria realized that "making do" wasn’t a coveted value for everyone. But there are many good reasons it should be.

The Street Where No One Opens The Door

Blog   |    by Wen Lee   |    January 8, 2014

An afternoon of baking cookies turns into a quest to find someone—anyone—who will open their front door.

You Don’t Have to Bake Your Own Matzo: Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Passover

Blog   |    by Evonne Marzouk   |    March 17, 2017

If you’ve been wondering how to do Passover in a more environmentally friendly way, here are six ideas that might help.

Living the Dream: Part-timer Sarah Lakeman

Blog   |    by Edna Rienzi   |    October 9, 2017

By cutting back her work hours, Sarah was able to make more time for her family and community—and to live true to her values.

How Electricity Cooperatives in the U.S. Are Paving the Way for a Renewable Future

Blog   |    by Kevin Stark   |    July 17, 2017

Emerging co-op programs are keeping costs down and stimulating the economy while reducing energy use and benefiting the environment.