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How Sara Day Evans Is Working With Local Businesses and Growers to “Accelerate Appalachia” in an Equitable and Regenerative Way

by New Dream   |   March 19, 2019

In this interview, Sara Day provides her thoughts on the connections between agriculture, equity, and consumption—and what we can do, as individuals and communities, to tackle these important issues. 

Meet Raagini Appadurai, Our New Program Lead

March 15, 2019

Raagini is a social justice and equity educator whose deep commitment to this work is informed and fueled by her unique position as a woman of color, an artist, and an activist.

6 Ways I’m Having a More Wildlife-Friendly Wedding

by Sarah Baillie   |   February 7, 2019

A wildlife lover uses her passion for the planet—and SoKind registry—to personalize her nuptials.

What You Want From New Dream: Key Themes and Messages on Equity and Consumption

January 14, 2019

New Dreamers share their thoughts about the connections between consumerism, class, and race; our new focus on equity and consumption; and what you’d like to see from New Dream in the future.

Expecting a Baby? Embrace the Gift of Community Supported Postpartum (CSP)

by Kerry Ingram   |   January 10, 2019

When someone you know is about to welcome a new baby into their family, offer them the gift of a supportive community through CSP.

Whatever Happened to Waste Reduction, or Preventing Waste in the First Place?

by Kelley Dennings   |   January 10, 2019

Advisory Council member Kelley Dennings considers why the recycling community may be abandoning the once-worthy goal of waste reduction, and offers thoughts for refocusing these efforts.

NPR's On Point: No-Gift Christmas Advocates Say That's a Wrap on Presents Under the Tree

December 20, 2018

The joy of a no-gift Christmas. Don’t blame the Grinch. Real people are pushing back against presents and advocating for new traditions. Featuring special guest Guinevere Higgins, director of strategic partnerships for New Dream.

The Atlantic: The Joy of No-Gift Christmas

by Joe Pinsker   |   December 13, 2018

Raagini Appadurai, a 26-year-old educator and social-justice advocate living in Toronto, told me that her family—her two sisters, her parents, and herself—made a no-gifts pact this year. “When we remove material purchasing and consumption from the table, we are forced to question what we are bringing to [the holiday] instead—individually and collectively,” she said. 

Avoiding the Trap of Holiday Consumerism

by Isaiah Johnson   |   December 7, 2018

New Dream Youth Fellow Isaiah Johnson details the true costs of holiday consumerism and outlines five things you can do to avoid its traps.

The Gift of Connecting with the Past

by Moira Silva   |   December 7, 2018

New Dreamer Moira Silva shares the experience of creating a truly meaningful gift for her family: the gift of interviewing her great aunt.

Christmas Is About Presence, Not Presents

by Sarah Allison   |   November 9, 2018

New Dream Youth Fellow Sarah Allison shares her experience and faith-based values around keeping the Christmas holiday focused on transformation and healing.

Question Consumption This Thanksgiving

by Guinevere Higgins   |   November 9, 2018

New Dream's Guinevere Higgins outlines four ways you can think more deeply about your Thanksgiving holiday and create a more authentic and meaningful experience for your family and friends.

​Facilitating a New Dream​

by Selena D. Cozart   |   November 7, 2018

Facilitator Selena Cozart explains how our current social and political climate presents us with a unique and irresistible opportunity to engage in discussions of equity and justice.

Your Recipe for Simpler Holidays

November 1, 2018

As you plan a special meal or time with family or friends, take advantage of this time to craft plans for a simple, joyful, meaningful holiday season. We’ve got all the ingredients you need.

What Does the New Dream Mean to You? Join Us in the Inquiry

October 29, 2018

Now is a great time to ask ourselves what “reducing consumption” means, when social divides grow ever wider and so many people experience economic insecurity. Join us in the inquiry!