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Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

November 28, 2017

In the amount of time it would have taken you to find a parking spot at the mall, you’ll get thoughtful ideas for everyone on your list.

Living an Unwasteful Life Podcast: Episode 2 – Reducing Waste in Gift-Giving with Edna Rienzi

November 24, 2017

Interview with Edna Rienzi, Program Director for New Dream who runs SoKind, an online gift registry service for people who value meaningful experiences, time with family and friends, and offerings of service and support for events and causes that matter the most.

Northwest Earth Institute: How to Enjoy the Holidays with Less Stress and Less Stuff

by Deb McNamara   |   November 20, 2017

Our friends at New Dream have created a variety of resources designed to help people escape the shopping, spending, and frenzied preparations that have become synonymous with the winter holidays.

How We Started a Holiday Share Faire to Build Local Resilience and Create Community

by Rani Jayakumar   |   November 17, 2017

Learn how one California group is boosting local resilience and strengthening community ties by sharing stuff, skills, memories, and stories.

Outside-the-Box Experiential Gift Ideas

by Kelley Dennings   |   November 13, 2017

Ready to give more fun, less stuff this holiday season? New Dream Fellow Kelley Dennings provides us with a list of experiential gift ideas designed to help you give a personal, unique, and fun gift to your friends and family that won’t break the bank, regardless of where you live.

Tools, Tips, and Technology for Giving and Receiving Experiential Gifts

by Kelley Dennings   |   November 13, 2017

This holiday season, New Dream has embarked on a pilot campaign to promote experiential gift giving and receiving as a way to increase happiness and well-being. Check out the variety of resources we've created to help make giving and receiving experiential gifts easy and fun.

Experiences Increase Happiness and Well-Being, Research Shows

by Kelley Dennings   |   November 12, 2017

Need some more convincing that experiences increase happiness and well-being? New Dream's Behavior and Social Change Fellow, Kelley Dennings, brings us the research to back up the claim.

Helping Your Kids Embrace a “More Fun, Less Stuff” Holiday

by Edna Rienzi   |   November 7, 2017

New Dream's Edna Rienzi shares six tips for how she gets her family on board with a simpler, yet more meaningful, holiday season.

Alternative Daily: This Is How Much the Average American Spends on Halloween

by Tamara Pearson   |   October 31, 2017

Casey Williams, a director of New Dream, an organization focused on transforming consumption habits for the wellbeing of people and planet, also talked to AD, and warned that these high spending levels and the general “accumulation of stuff” is having significant consequences for not just the environment, but also on “our own health and happiness.

This Holiday, Opt for Giving Over Receiving

by Edna Rienzi   |   October 19, 2017

Rather than making a typical wish list of items to receive, why not create a list of gifts you want to give to your loved ones?

Beyond the Lion’s Den: Mapping a More Meaningful Family Holiday

by Shara Drew   |   October 12, 2017

New Dream's Shara Drew describes her quest to create a different kind of holiday tradition for her family—one that has nothing to do with "stuff."

Tips for a Greener, Simpler Halloween

by Lisa Mastny   |   October 11, 2017

Halloween is big business. Avoid the hype and direct your energy, $$$, and creativity toward a greener, simpler holiday.

What Would It Take to Shift Our Gifting Away from "Stuff"?

by New Dream   |   October 9, 2017

Learn more about New Dream's research on the barriers and benefits to giving gifts of experience rather than "stuff."

Living the Dream: Part-timer Sarah Lakeman

by Edna Rienzi   |   October 9, 2017

By cutting back her work hours, Sarah was able to make more time for her family and community—and to live true to her values.

Confronting Racism Through Personal Action and Deeper Community Connections

by Casey Williams   |   September 21, 2017

By building stronger networks with people and groups from diverse backgrounds, we can all help to create a more socially just and sustainable world.