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The Mesh Directory: Explore Clever Ways to Benefit from "Stuff" Without Having to Own It

by Lisa Mastny   |   May 29, 2012

A new online directory helps you find enterprising businesses and projects around the world that are fostering "a community and economy where access trumps ownership."

How Does Your Pothole Garden Grow?

by Jennifer Prediger   |   May 29, 2012

"Pothole gardener” Steve Wheem is part installation artist, graffiti artist, and miniaturist.

Giving Away Your "Declutter" to People Who Want It

by Dale S. Brown   |   May 28, 2012

Guest blogger Dale Brown offers tips on thoughtfully giving away things that you don’t need, rather than simply throwing them in the trash.

The Power of Activism and an Engaged Citizenry: An Interview with Liz Barratt-Brown

by Lisa Mastny   |   May 28, 2012

Barratt-Brown talks about her lifelong work as an environmental campaigner, and her more recent roles as a tar sands activist and olive oil farmer.

Why I Took Up Biking Again as an Adult, and Never Looked Back

by Krislyn Placide   |   May 25, 2012

National Bike Month may be nearly over, but there’s no better time to jump on your bike than the present.

Be a Super Mom (or Dad): Reinstate Family Meals

by Tovah Paglaro   |   May 11, 2012

A mother of three reflects about the central place that family meals should take in our lives.

Invisible Family Economics: The Value of Money Not Spent

by Suzita Cochran   |   April 18, 2012

One of the best ways you can support your family financially is by creating situations where you don’t spend money, writes Suzita Cochran.

6 Things You Should Be Thinking About This Earth Day, But May Not Be

by Wendy Philleo   |   April 12, 2012

This April 22, we can all take steps to reduce our environmental impact. But there are some other important topics that you may not be thinking about.

New Dream Staff Picks: Books We Love

by Lisa Mastny   |   April 11, 2012

New Dream staff share their picks for the most inspirational books they've read on topics of consumerism, parenting, and work-life balance.

Making Good: Finding Work That Is Meaningful

by Wen Lee   |   April 11, 2012

Is it possible to find a meaningful, fulfilling career that also pays the bills? According to a new book, the answer is yes.

Oregon Artists Transform Ocean Debris Into Knowledge

by Jennifer Prediger   |   April 11, 2012

Volunteers create art supplies out of marine trash and assemble the pieces into giant sculptures.

Join Your Neighbors for a Really, Really Big Lunch

by Krislyn Placide   |   April 10, 2012

Last year, The Big Lunch brought nearly 2 million people across the United Kingdom out of doors to have lunch in their communities—literally.

Make It Do: A Year of Buying Only What I Need

by Wen Lee   |   March 14, 2012

In 2012, Meg Hourihan won't buy anything new until she's used up or worn out the old.

Films Explore High-Consumption Lifestyles, Sustainable Solutions

by Mark Valentine   |   March 13, 2012

The recent SF Green Film Festival showcased more than 40 new films on sustainability themes.

A Roadmap to a New Economy: An Interview with Gus Speth

by Lisa Mastny   |   March 8, 2012

Speth talks about the need to reshape the political and economic system to work better for all Americans.