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E-Waste: What to Do With That Old Gadget

by Lisa Mastny   |   January 17, 2012

Now that you've upgraded, why not make the responsible choice and donate or recycle your old equipment, rather than just dumping it in the trash?

Can the Rewards of Travel Outweigh the Planetary Costs?

by Amy Curtis   |   January 17, 2012

Despite the environmental repercussions, traveling also makes one appreciate the Earth.

B Corporations: Driving a New Ecology of Commerce

by Elsa Jagniecki   |   January 16, 2012

There’s a growing buzz about a new kind of business model centered around building better business, social enterprise, and corporate policy.

Economic Fallacies: Is It Time to Work More, or Less?

by Juliet Schor   |   January 12, 2012

Juliet Schor argues that reducing work hours will help the economy and increase jobs.

Reality Strikes Back: A Review of Richard Heinberg’s "The End of Growth"

by Chris Stratton   |   January 10, 2012

Bad news: Economic growth is gone for good. Good news: Maybe we don’t need growth to be better off.

Reward Yourself with Time and Creativity in the New Year

by Wendy Philleo   |   December 19, 2011

A lot of people can’t stand New Year’s resolutions, but I enjoy thinking about all the possibilities when a fresh year lies ahead.

"Greatest Board Game of All Time" Launches Environmental Spin-Off

by Jeffrey Steuben   |   December 15, 2011

New oil-consumption scenario for The Settlers of Catan brings eye-opening lessons about resource consumption and our impact on the world.

Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil's Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever

by Amy Curtis   |   December 8, 2011

In São Paolo, the removal of logos and slogans exposed previously overlooked architecture, revealing a rich urban beauty that was long hidden.

What Is "Enough"? Achieving the Right Balance in Our Lives and Families

by Suzita Cochran   |   December 5, 2011

Whether it’s a material item like shoes or a non-material one like free time, how do you know when you have enough of something?

Learning to "Share" for a More Cooperative Future

by Jennifer Prediger   |   December 1, 2011

At SHARE New York, participants came together to talk about turning economic disillusionment into something more productive.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

by Wen Lee   |   November 17, 2011

All around the world, people will be celebrating Buy Nothing Day to take a stand against rampant consumerism and reclaim the holidays.

The Pervasiveness of Product Placement: A Review of Spurlock's New Film

by Amy Curtis   |   November 17, 2011

Morgan Spurlock's new film exposes the subversive role of product placement in American media.

Does Your Town Need a Happiness Initiative?

by Lisa Mastny   |   November 17, 2011

What if you could accurately measure the happiness of your community based on parameters like physical health, material well-being, and time balance?

Living Lighter

by New Dream   |   November 4, 2011

Living Lighter is a colorful pamphlet filled with helpful tips and resources for reducing your consumer footprint.

Treat Yourself to a Less Wasteful, More Meaningful Halloween

by Amy Curtis   |   October 19, 2011

Learn how you can experience a magically spooky Halloween night without all the shopping, sugar, and excess waste.