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Counter-Intuition 101: Why Recent Bad Economic News Means It’s Time for Working Less

by Juliet Schor   |   June 13, 2011

Reducing hours of work may seem counter-intuitive. But the historical record suggests it’s a smart move that will create a "triple dividend."

The Great Disruption: Why the Climate Crisis Will Bring On the End of Shopping and the Birth of a New World

by admin   |   June 8, 2011

In the coming years, “growth” will mean not quantity of stuff but quality and happiness of life. Yes, there is life after shopping.

Aloe Blacc Bucks Trend of Hip Hop Opulence

by Amy Curtis   |   June 7, 2011

Blacc's new album, Good Things, has been climbing the charts. But "Mr. Frugal" is not your typical hip hop artist.

Consumptionomics: Asia’s Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet

by New Dream   |   June 6, 2011

An Asian perspective on why the world simply cannot support two more consumption-driven Americas.

Off the Pedestal: Creating a New Vision of Economic Growth

by James Gustave Speth   |   June 3, 2011

A longtime environmental leader argues it’s time for the U.S. to reinvent its economy into one that focuses on sustaining communities, family life, and the natural world.

The Good Life: How to Create a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle

by New Dream   |   May 31, 2011

In The Good Life, author Sherry Ackerman shows how anyone can choose the journey to sustainability and a sensual, fun-filled life.

Beyond Green Consumerism

by Wendy Philleo   |   May 11, 2011

What we buy matters. But what we do matters more.

The Good Life: A Parable

by New Dream   |   May 9, 2011

Is the "good life" right in front of us and we're just missing it?

300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

by New Dream   |   May 9, 2011

A great visualization of the past 300 years of fossil fuel use in just 300 seconds. That's about as concise as you're gonna get.

The Economics of Happiness

by New Dream   |   May 9, 2011

This powerful film documents how communities are coming together to build more sustainable local economies.

21 Hours

by Erik Assadourian   |   May 9, 2011

The optimal length of the work week? Yes, 21 Hours.

Watch the video.

Let's Pollute!

by Erik Assadourian   |   May 9, 2011

Oscar-nominated "Let's Pollute!" spoofs a 1950s-style educational film, giving us information and advice on how to be better polluters. Through this clever reversal, the film holds a fire to our destructive consumer culture.

Start a Tool Library in Your Community

by Lisa Mastny   |   May 9, 2011

Join the sharing economy and help neighbors get the job done, cooperatively and cheaply.

True Wealth: A Plenitude Economy

by New Dream   |   May 6, 2011

In Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth, economist and New Dream board co-chair Juliet Schor offers a groundbreaking intellectual statement about the economics and sociology of ecological decline, suggesting a radical change in how we think about consumer goods, value, and ways to live.

It's Time for Millennium Consumption Goals

by Erik Assadourian   |   April 22, 2011

The Millennium Consumption Goals are moving forward—and thanks to all the great comments we received, they’re getting more nuanced too!