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This October, Turn Your Intention Into Action

by New Dream   |   September 20, 2017

Through NWEI's EcoChallenge, join thousands of others in proving that small actions add up to real change.

Need Help or a Way to Help Out? SoKind Provides Meaningful Support Post-Disaster

by Edna Rienzi   |   September 20, 2017

SoKind Registry can be used as a centralized tool to coordinate meaningful hurricane relief for yourself or for friends and family.

Helping Teachers and Their Students Think About the "Stuff" They Use

by Shara Drew   |   September 19, 2017

Susan Salterberg talks about her work helping K-12 educators design creative lesson plans around consumption, well-being, and sustainability.

Welcome, Shara!

by New Dream   |   July 20, 2017

Shara Drew has joined New Dream as the new Program Director for our Kids & Commercialism work. 

A Craigslist for Saving the Planet? Check.

by Steve Seeger   |   July 17, 2017

Steve's Weave is a place for greensters to get together to publicize events, projects, services, jobs, and more.

How Electricity Cooperatives in the U.S. Are Paving the Way for a Renewable Future

by Kevin Stark   |   July 17, 2017

Emerging co-op programs are keeping costs down and stimulating the economy while reducing energy use and benefiting the environment.

Our 35 Favorite Gifts on SoKind Registry

by Edna Rienzi   |   July 16, 2017

At SoKind, you can register for anything you can imagine. Here are some of our favorite quirky and creative gift ideas from users.

Want to Change Your Life? Change How You Consume

by Chris LaPlante   |   June 6, 2017

Take Back Your Time's Chris LaPlante describes the pitfalls of consumerism and explains why we can all benefit from cutting back.

Great Summer Reads: 2017 Edition

by New Dream   |   June 2, 2017

Looking for a great summer read? Here’s a list of our favorite recent (or recent to us!) books.... and a few more we're excited to delve into.

Bringing Meaning Back

by Edna Rienzi   |   May 30, 2017

New Dream's SoKind registry enables registrants to request meaningful gifts from the heart.

ATTN: This Is What People Are Now Doing to Make Their Weddings 'Woke'

by Danielle DeCourcey   |   May 19, 2017

SoKind Registry bills itself as an "alternative gift registry that encourages donations, homemade gifts, and volunteered time as gifts."

Want to Encourage Gifts That Really Matter? Plan an Alternative Gift Fair!

by Jennifer Oehme Knepper   |   May 4, 2017

It's never too early to start planning an alternative gift fair. Here's one story about getting it done.

Does Your Registry Reflect Your Values, or Just Your Fantasy Vision of Yourself?

by Edna Rienzi   |   May 3, 2017

Sometimes people register for items they don't really want or need because they have these fantasy visions of themselves.

How to Create a Zero Waste Easter Basket

by New Dream   |   March 22, 2017

Challenge yourself to create an Easter basket that will produce no garbage that would be sent to landfill.

Have a More Fun, Less Stuff Easter

by Edna Rienzi   |   March 22, 2017

Easter doesn't have to be yet another commercialized, excessive celebration. You can still participate in all the fun without the waste and stress.