Your Recipe for Simpler Holidays

November 1, 2018


Thanksgiving is around the corner. As you plan a special meal or time with family or friends, take advantage of this time to craft plans for a simple, joyful, meaningful holiday season. We’ve got all the ingredients you need for you to mix and match, however you like. 

Ingredients to Simplify the Holidays

  • Community Presentation – Our brand new pre-packaged slideshow walks you through presenting the case for more meaningful holidays and highlights the hurdles—and solutions—for simplifying this year. Whether you present to a local group you’re involved with, to your inner circle, or use it for self-inspiration, this slide deck is packed with holiday goodness.
  • SoKind Holiday WishList – With our free alternative gift registry, you can share a custom Holiday WishList of gifts that you or your family would like to receive this year—gifts that may not be “things,” but experiences, skills, and donations to charity. Maybe your kids would really love a museum membership, and you want to raise funds for a local nonprofit. In a few simple steps, create your account and start your list today. The possibilities for truly meaningful gifting are endless.
  • SoKind Holiday GiveList – You’ve got so much to offer! Create your Holiday GiveList to offer your time, skills, gently used items, and other gifts from the heart. Then share the link with your friends and family so they can claim the ones they’d like. Perhaps you’ll be sharing your salsa dancing skills with Nana, or passing your outgrown tent on to your adventurous cousin! In a few simple steps, create your account and start your list today. 

Simplify the Holidays Guides & Tools - We’ve got everything you need to make your low-stress, low-waste, low-expense, LOVE-FILLED holiday dreams come true. Check out our Simplify the Holidays campaign pages for these (and more!) popular, useful resources:

This Thanksgiving, give thanks for what and who matters most—and nip all the holiday hype in the bud. Simplify the Holidays with New Dream and find the clarity, inspiration, and tools you need to make your more joyful, sustainable season a reality.

Learn more about ways you can #QuestionConsumption through the holiday season and all year round.