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Dishing the Love, Potluck Style

by Holly Minch   |   April 15, 2015

In this post, Holly Minch describes her experience as a wedding guest at a potluck wedding and her new-found appreciation for this catering option as an opportunity for friends and family to actively participate in the celebration. Read on for more details about this "extended family dinner" wedding as well as for practical tips on pulling off a potluck wedding with ease.

Danielle and Michael’s Baby Boy’s Brit Milah

by Edna Rienzi   |   April 1, 2015

In the Real Celebrations series, SoKind asks registry users to share a bit about their celebrations. Read about how Danielle and Michael encouraged their friends and family to provide them with the gifts they really needed and wanted for their baby boy, Avi.

Our Children’s Schools: The Leadership Face of the Future

by Peg Watson   |   March 17, 2015

The Green Schools Alliance aims to connect and empower schools worldwide to lead the transformation to global sustainability.

How Play Paves the Way for Young Leaders

by Aislinn Pluta   |   March 17, 2015

"PopUpPlay" helps youth and adults alike nurture their curiosity, and play.

Fighting Climate Change with "Mothers Out Front"

by Kelsey Wirth   |   March 17, 2015

A Massachusetts mother of two rallies her fellow moms to bring their voices and power to bear on the greatest threat to our children’s future.

The Changing Nature of Wedding Gifts

by Caitlin Frauton   |   March 17, 2015

Caitlin Frauton is the owner of DIY Wedding Mentor, which provides affordable wedding-planning services for couples who are planning their own weddings. Caitlin started DIY Wedding Mentor after she and her husband planned their own DIY wedding and realized that couples needed more help when it came to DIY weddings. In this post, 

Caitlin describes the changing nature of wedding gifts as many couples are reaching out to their loved ones to ask for direct support with the wedding instead of expecting traditional wedding gifts as they focus on long-term financial goals instead of adding more "stuff" to their lives.

Why I Decided to Share—and Eventually Sell—My Car

by Amanda Eaken   |   February 16, 2015

A San Francisco resident and mom is about to give up her family car in pursuit of a more sustainable, simple lifestyle. Here, she tells her tale.

Community Supported Art Picks Up Steam

by Aislinn Pluta   |   February 15, 2015

The Community Supported Art movement continues to grow. Read some tips on how to start your own "CSA."

Want to Volunteer in Public Health? Here's How to Get Started

by staff   |   February 13, 2015 just published a handy new guide to volunteering in public health. Check it out!

Guest Registry: Curated by Jen Boulden

by Jen Boulden, Host of   |   February 12, 2015

In the Guest Registry series, SoKind asks our friends and supporters about their favorite SoKind gift ideas. The result? A collection of creative and inspiring guest registries! Enjoy.

Cathy and Stephen's Multicultural San Francisco Wedding

by Edna Rienzi    |   February 9, 2015

In the Real Celebrations series, SoKind asks registry users to share a bit about their celebrations. Read about how Cathy and Stephen incorporated their cultural heritage and their love of their hometown throughout their wedding.

Maria and Reggie's Relaxed, Budget-Friendly Wedding

by Edna Rienzi   |   February 9, 2015

In the Real Celebrations series, SoKind asks registry users to share a bit about their celebrations. Read about how Maria and Reggie focused on what was important to them, and allowed others to step in and use their natural strengths to help the couple celebrate their big day.

Book Review: The Sweet Spot: Finding Your Groove at Home and Work

by Edna Rienzi   |   January 22, 2015

In her new book, Dr. Christine Carter offers advice on how to feel fulfilled and successful while also taking the time to really enjoy life.

Being the Change: Silver Spring Time Bank Is Open for Business

by Jonathan Bernstein   |   January 22, 2015

A new time bank is working to kickstart the sharing movement in Silver Spring, Maryland.

What Can a Satire from the 1950s Tell Us About Holiday Commercialism?

by Addison Del Mastro   |   December 10, 2014

Did a holiday short story from 1956 predict today's rampant commercialism?